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This is Not the End. This is the Beginning.

These last few weeks have been chaotic, crazy, and filled with a multitude of ups and downs. After we finished Tryon on a high note, we headed to Venice, Florida with Ramsey for the last week of the Foxlea Farm show. We had plenty of good rounds and Rams blew me away with how calm

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Happy One Year!

Today is a day of much importance. Not only is it Mother’s Day (you’re awesome, Mom!), but I am also cramming for my AP Biology exam. Putting those two things aside, though, today is a very special day. Today marks the one year anniversary of buying Gus. And what a year it has been! When

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Who I Am

As you all know, I am looking for a horse to lease for a few shows so I can qualify for the Maclay Regionals. Gus isn’t quite ready for the 3’6″ and Ramsey won’t be ready for a while. My search for a horse to lease is proving to be impossible for a few very

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