Month: July 2013

A Big Bit of Heaven

When I first laid eyes on you, I’ll admit it, I thought you were a little dull. How could such a rigid, cold  being open my eyes to the beauty of the small things? You’re the indecisive type; Do you like silver or gold, stainless steel or copper? I suppose it’s better, though, that you

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Summertime Brings Summer Sores

Oh, Atlanta in the summertime…. Hot, humid, and suffocating. This place is called Hotlanta for a reason. However, unlike most summers here, this one has been unusually wet. And by wet, I mean it has been monsooning since mid-June. Now, I am not usually one to complain about rain, because I really don’t mind riding

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“Success is the Child of Audacity”

After a fantastic ride on Snuffaluffagus (Gus’ new nickname), I am feeling very re-inspired. I am going after this goal because this is what I love doing. I’m not doing it for the ribbons, though I do hope I get a few, and, while I love my dad and appreciate what he’s doing for me,

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