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Anna Easton


  • Ilana

    Hello! I have two questions for you..
    1.) I own a Haflinger, and I show one her. Do you think Haflingers can be successful in hunters? I’ve only showed her in pleasure, but maybe we will do equitation.
    2.) I showed on the NCSSEL this year, and are hoping to move on to the NCEL A or B team. How can you get to higher levels of showing? Thanks!

    • Anna Easton

      Hi Ilana,

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      With respect to showing your Haflinger, I don’t see an problems. Hunters are judged on the horse’s movement and jumping technique, so if she moves and jumps well, you should be able to have some solid placing. That said, Haflingers as a breed tend to have distinctive gaits with more knee action. Knee action is considered less than ideal in the hunters. However, I have seen exceptions. Feel free to send me pictures or videos of your pony at!

      I unfortunately don’t know too much about the NCSSEL and NCEL, but there are a few things that any rider needs if they are going to be competing in an equitation division. The most important, in my opinion, is a strong base of support and an independent seat. No stirrup work at the posting and sitting trot can help a tremendous amount with both of these. You’ll also want to be accurate with your distances and maintain an even pace throughout the course. Make sure you know the rules of the division you are competing in and always look professional and clean (tack, horse, show clothes, etc.).

      I wish I could give you more information on your second question. It might be useful for you to post your question to the “Ask the Judge” section on Judge My Ride. Best of luck to you in your upcoming show season!