The horse world is a place often driven by politics, wealth, and status. However, while having resources helps, with enough talent, determination, and hard work, anyone can make it in this sport.

I, Anna Easton, have been dreaming of a career in the horse world since I started riding. However, without unlimited resources, I have taken a somewhat unconventional road. From trail riding, to pony jumpers, to the Big Eq, my junior career has had plenty of ups and downs.

I founded this blog at the beginning of my campaign in the equitation, with the hopes of qualifying for the Maclay Finals. While I did not achieve this goal, my time in the equitation ring brought me more opportunities than I could have ever expected. Now that my junior years have come to an end, I am embarking on the next part of my journey with “Big Eqspectations.”


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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations on your existing accomplishments Anna! Don’t let anyone deter you from your dream. Get out there and prove the naysayers wrong. I will be sending positive prayers and vibes out into the universe for you!

  2. Your eq is wonderful, I look forward to watching you reach your dreams (: I don’t know you but I’m in full support of you all the way. Good luck, and don’t give up.


  3. Good luck Anna! You ride amazing and I definately believe you have what it takes! And who knows, maybe the small town girl will become a big time competitor! Remember just keep trying, don’t give up, and prove everyone who doesn’t believe in you wrong! Achieve your goals and remember where you come from! Good luck! xx

  4. so your eq is pretty much amazing. and you have basically the same dream as me (actually the same exact dream. lol) so basically we’re twins ;)

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